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Drawn recipes from Córdoba. Cook Book

The combination of architect and kitchens is not very common, although in reality they are two arts that have enough in common, as the author of this beautiful book of Recipes drawn from Córdoba tells us in the introduction. And it is that the architecture and the kitchen share that taste for the inaccurate measures, and of the same that when adding oil to a gazpacho it is necessary to throw "the one that admits", when elaborating a mass of clay or a mortar, the amount of water It also depends on a perception that is only acquired with practice.

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It seems that Arab cuisine is increasingly the order of the day. Falafel is an easy dish to prepare and easy to obtain ingredients. And if you add to this that you do not like cooking too much for example, it is another way to eat legumes, since this dish is made with chickpeas.

FoodLoop, an application that will allow you to buy food at a better price.

How about having an application on your mobile to know which of your usual food products are on sale and in which supermarket? Well, this will already be possible very soon with FoodLoop, an app to buy food at a better price and others thus reduce waste. From Direct to the Palate we have already spoken to you on multiple occasions of food waste, being an important part of that volume of food that is thrown away, about 90 million tons only in the European Union, those products that due to being close to their expiration date The supermarket must already remove from its shelves.

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Eat healthy directly at the Palate: the light menu of the month (IX)

As every beginning of the month we leave our help for all those who seek to eat healthier in Direct to the Palate, and we offer once again the light menu of the month of July, where you can find our suggestions for each meal as well as their recipes to be able to elaborate them at home. If you want to take care of the diet by eating healthy and tasty, you can not miss the possibility of getting good ideas to use in the kitchen and improve your diet.

Crab rolls stuffed with crab and four cheeses with cava. Recipe

Today we want to present you an ideal recipe for the Christmas holidays. A fish recipe in which we get a delicious texture thanks to the Président Thick Cooking Cream. It is the sole rolls filled with crab and four cheeses with cava. Surely everyone will be delighted with its intense flavor, mixture of seafood and cheese, its soft and creamy texture and its beautiful presentation.

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

"More than 100 years ago this legend began, when Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, founder of the Concha y Toro Vineyard, reserved a small game of the best wines that were produced there. And to take away all strangers from that guard so He commented that the Devil was living there, hence his name: Casillero del Diablo.

Original dishes decorated with sports silhouettes, to play with food

When we were little, they constantly told us that food is not played, but it seems that this maxim is increasingly obsolete. Cooks, artists and designers are committed to creations that seek to interact with food in original ways. A good example is dishes decorated with original designs, such as this series with sports silhouettes.

Organic wine, but what does it consist of?

The positive effects of wine on the health of our heart almost nobody doubts it (and be careful that whenever we talk about this issue, we are talking about moderate consumption), due to the polyphenolic compounds (antioxidants) found, especially, in the skin and in the seeds of the grape, of course we talk about red wine, since the white is made with the pulp of the grape and it has a very low concentration of these compounds.

Banana, rum and chocolate samosas: easy recipe to pamper yourself

Although samosas are usually salty preparations, I have not been able to resist bringing you this sweet version of bananas, rum and chocolate samosas, ideal to serve as a dessert at a snack dinner or to take a snack in the field. On this occasion and to make it a quick and affordable recipe for everyone even if you are not very prepared in the kitchen, the dough is not the original, but a chilled brick dough that greatly simplifies the dish and thus be able to enjoy it without much waiting.

Weekly menu from June 30 to July 6

Several days ago we released the month of July but today is Monday when we have to review the dishes of last week with a new delivery of the weekly menu. Do not miss this selection of recipes if you want some ideas to prepare your meals during the summer. It is precisely the hot season that is most noticeable in our recipes these days.

The Burgo space of Arias Lingote says goodbye

After several weeks giving us ideas for cooking using fresh cheese, the Burgo de Arias Lingote space says goodbye. There have been many recipes that we have discovered in this space, some really original and surprising, such as fresh cheese ice cream or spicy mini pizzas with fresh cheese.

Ugly vegetables in British supermarkets

It is up to the European Union to determine if a vegetable meets the conditions to be suitable for sale. In 2009, these conditions were relaxed in terms of the appearance of the product, but despite this, most traders and large food chains prefer to sell only what is "aesthetically pleasing."

Tribute to American cuisine on the Paseo de la Gastronomía

On the occasion of the celebration of Hispanic Day, six restaurants of the Paseo de la Gastronomía, in Madrid's Casa de Campo, celebrate until next Friday, October 15, a Tribute to American Cuisine. So prestigious restaurants such as El Currito, La Masía de José Luis, Ondarreta, Guipúzcoa, La Pesquera and the Mission Palace, include special menus with products brought to America by the conquerors, and with products brought from there to our country.

Food starts its price escalation, biofuel is responsible

They have announced through the media the rise in prices of different food products, milk, eggs and bread will increase their price by up to 20%, this increase is a direct consequence of the production of biofuels from cereals. In the middle of last month we announced the strong price increases that would suffer all those food products directly or indirectly related to cereals, now they talk about these three products, but it will not take long for meat products, their derivatives and beers, increase their price considerably.